I have been selling Real Estate for 29 years. The way the market fluctuates still amazes me. It has been several years since I have seen homes sell for over list price. You typically will see full price offers when listings are new. The longer they sit on the market, offers come in at a lesser value.

This year, real estate has been quite different. I have to say that at the first of the year home sales were a bit slow. It usually takes people a couple of months to recover from the holidays. Slowly but surely, as expected buyers began their home search in mid February. Sellers were a little delayed in putting their homes up for sale.

With that said, we had more buyers than homes available for sale. The lack of inventory causes a competition to secure the home and drives sales price up for sellers. A good thing for sellers, for sure. As for the buyers, interest rates are still good, so that’s a win for them!